How to setup a WDS bridge with multiple Wi-Fi networks?

I would like to extend my wi-fi coverage in my house. There are two wireless networks: the first is a private and the second is a guest network. I have an old TP-Link WR841N router, which can be used as an auxiliary router to repeat Wi-Fi signals. The main router is a TP-Link WR1043ND.

I saw a similar topic here.

However I want to connect the two router with wired connection (LAN-LAN), not wireless (Wi-fi - Wi-fi) and it makes this problem more specific...

To make this idea more understandable, I created a network map:

WDS is for connecting two routers by wireless, you're not going to use that here since they are connected by Ethernet instead.

Multiple networks can be sent over one Ethernet cable using VLANs.

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A wired connection is always preferred and much better than having to rely upon a wireless backhaul, this makes it much easier for you to set up as well. The basic idea is, combined with multiple VLANs and one AP interface per VLAN.


Check out OneMarcFifty's videos which explains exactly this.

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