How to set up 2nd router wlan client-mode with lan access

Hello all,

I am trying to set up a network to read data from my solar inverter's Modbus. This Huawei unit allows for ModbusTcp connection but only from it's own network ( So my idea was to use this Gl-Inet mango router I had lying around and use its WiFi in client mode.

My main network ( is a wireless Google mesh with a unmanaged switch to provide for wired connections. The idea is that I access and configure the mango router through ssh 22, ssl 443 and bridge ModbusTcp wired to wlan ( for the Huawei unit) through the main network.

I already reserved dhcp for the mango router and am able to ssh and access admin/Luci through my main network. But the second part, setting up the wireless adapter in client mode is giving me trouble, I don't fully understand how I should set this up. Reading multiple sources of examples confuse me even more as usually they are designed to introduce a wired-only device to an existing wireless network. If I put the mango router in extender mode, the unit is no longer accessible, the wireless network is visible but also inaccessible and I have to reset the unit.

Is it even possible to have the unit in my main lan while being client of a different network through wireless?

Connect to Huwaei SUN2000 inverter using fiber modem - #23 by KOA might help.

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Thanks, will try that