How to set root filesystem partition size on x86 ImabeBuilder?

I can boot device whith Ubuntu Live CD and run Gparted to resize it to use all free spaces, but how can I set size on ImabeBuilder, such as 5G?

I found this:
But it need to build from sourcecode.


You should be able to set this in "make menuconfig":
"Target Images" -> "Kernel partition size (in MB)" and "Root filesystem partition size (in MB)"

ImabeBuilder can not use "make menuconfig":confused:

In this case you can edit .config in the imagebuilder directly and adjust CONFIG_TARGET_KERNEL_PARTSIZE and CONFIG_TARGET_ROOTFS_PARTSIZE.

Alternatively it should be able to to pass these values directly to the make image call:



Thanks, it works!

This hidden .config file did not mehtion in this user-guide:sweat_smile:

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That's awesome! Indeed, there's nowhere else explaining about these configs.

A note: I tried to build image using it as parameter for make and it didn't work, partitions remain on the same size. Only by editing .config that it works, but then we need to have enough RAM to store the whole image while building it.

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