ImageBuilder - How to create an image with a custom filesystem

Title says, I am using a NanoPi R2S and I don't want to take out the SD Card every update just to change the file system. I came across the Image Builder, but how do I customize it to use F2FS instead of the default EXT4 and SquashFS generated images.

or is there any way to modify the filesystem parameters, so I can use the full size of the SD Card after flashing? Can I adjust the offsets at the image?

I think I found an answer, will test this and see if it works. This looks like it is undocumented on the ImageBuilder page.

Solution #1 - Change the partition size on the flashable image

Solution #2 - Online filesystem resizing (See comment #3 by Mario Tremblay commented on 10.03.2021 19:46)

This works. I will no longer be changing the filesystem, Will just turn off the journaling and preset the drive size. This feature must be documented with the advent of devices that can use large storages.

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