How to set DHCPd ON?

Installed / upgraded to 23_05.
Everything seems to work except of DHCP.

OpenWrt will be mostly in its default factory configuration
firewall on
DHCP is on

It isn't serving any, though.
In Interfaces "Ignore interface" is OFF, I entered start address and number of leases. It doesn't serve any request, though.
The interface is 'br-lan' (I didn't select it, comes up automatically)

The architecture is simple: lan (Ethernet) connects with a static address to the router, and the two radios are in the same subnet. Neither of the clients on the radios obtains an IP from OpenWRT.
In order to dish out DHCP-addresses I need to enable a DHCPd on the router.

How can I (preferably through luci) get the dhcpd up and running, please?

it usually does, per default, do you by any chance have another DHCP in your LAN ?

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sounds stupid but does dhcp lease range fit into your subnet? people tend to incorrectly set and then generated configuration fed into the dhcp server (which is dnsmasq by default, not dhpcd) will silently fail.

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No. NOW I do, yes, on the router, otherwise I couldn't reply! :wink:
It looks like it WAS active, because once I had shut down the dhcpd on the router, my clients obtained DHCPv6 leases (only), Which didn't help me very much to connect. Then I disabled the DHCPv6, hoping it might dish out DHCPv4 then, but it didn't.

This sounds like you've made a bridged (dumb AP) setup. A router has a separate interface which should be called wan connected to the next "upstream" router on the way to the Internet.

Then, please, how to do it? I was following the instructions for the setup. This interface was like of created by itself.
But maybe you understood me wrong, though? because the router is on another box. Here I just want to make the router data from its LAN interface (RJ45) plugged into the LAN interface of the EAP600 accessible through WiFi.
(The dhcpd on the router, Huawei fibre, is very dumb; that's the reason.)

Not stupid. I was baffled at first by the unusual format, because I was used to entering start and end addresses, while the preset / gray numbers in OpenWRT were just - I think - 100 and 150. So I thought, it meant the last 8 bits in my subnet of That didn't work. I already put a full IPv4 address (like as start address, and 99 as maximum number of leased addresses.

I'm not very familiar with OpenWRT, but once I have a entry to the command line, I could as well provide some output from there, respectively modify (does it have vi or similar?) some file.

Yes a minimum bare bone vi is available.

yes, 100 and 150 are the default values which means: starting from .100 and dhcp scope has 150 members, i.e. end by .249.

so, your config 100/99 should be ok for /24 network.

with command ps| grep dnsm you'll see a parameter something similar /var/etc/dnsmasq.conf.cfgxxxx. that is the generated file dnsmasq use actually.

in general config files using uci syntax are stored under /etc/config, so in this case /etc/config/dhcp is the interesting one.

dumb ap was mentioned, you can check the guide at .

I agree, but if that's the case, why would OP need DHCP ?

if OP tells what the real goal with this setup is we would understand better if there is a small configuration issue or there is conceptual problem which requires a totally different approach. obviously i cannot answer to your question only OP can.

Uuh, I think I was very clear. I have Internet access through a Huawei glasfibre router, with very dumb DHCP settings. Reservation, display of names ... . The firmware running there is prescribed.

I'd prefer a WAP that does DHCP instead, and especially a nice one like on OpenWRT. So I set it up to connect to the router via cable, give OpenWRT a static IPv4, yadayadayada, and everything works. Except, when I shut down the dhcpd on the Huawei.

Anything unclear, please ask!

OP (me) doesn't want to give all clients a static IPv4. Therefore a dhcpd is needed. All clients connect to the EAP600, running OpenWRT. So the dhcpd must be either running on the router, or on OpenWRT.

Connected the Openwrt device to the Huawei, using a lan port, on both sides ?

If not, produce a network sketch, including ports and subnets.

By all means ...!

It really is a totally simple netzwork this time. And it has always worked, and still does. Except when the dhcpd on the Huawei is shut down.

Thanks for asking anyway!

After you shut down DHCP on the fiber router you have to restart the Openwrt DHCP service aka dnsmasq because on startup it will check for other DHCP servers. If it finds one it will not start. So please, shut down DHCP on the Huawei and restart the DHCP service on Openwrt and then try to get a DHCP lease on one of the clients.

Sounds reasonable. Where is the DHCPd start-stop, please?
OpenWRT doesn't seem to have a unified tab for DHCP, correct? Like, where you enter the gateway, DNS, and so forth? On mine here it has only 'ignore', start' 'limit' and ^lease time'.

Thanks, I'm in. What actually, which file, do you request; or parts thereof? Both are relatively large.

It's in another menu, startup (?).

Or just reboot it.