How to run lte-stick E3372h-320?

Is it possible to run the Huawei E3372h-320 LTE / 4G USB-Stick with Openwrt on the TP-Link TL-WR902AC AC750 WLAN Nano Router? The generich firmware isn't able to handle it.
What do I have to do to install the stick?

Try this custom build of openwrt for modems.

If you need any help you can get it at this forum.



It works just fine in openwrt, just need to install some additional modules.

@Janonym Search for e3372 here in the forum.

Can you Tell me which ones I have to Install? Is anywhere a howto?

Tried the search function, like I told you?

The amount of found matches or topics confuse me. So I try first the rooterfirmware. Thanks.


missed the H the model.. should just be hilink mode..

-320 is different

Thx, ROOTer works great! Good solution for me.

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