How to refine/modify existing documentation?

I'd like to refine the documentation at .
But, I don't have access to update it.
How do I go about refining the page?
Thanks, Bob

It's simple:

  1. Register in the wiki:
  2. Edit wiki pages

Ok, I got it to work. But, it is not ideal.
I logged in using my GITHUB account. There was a "login with Github" button. It would not let me edit wiki pages.
I registered with a different account and email address, and it does let me edit wiki pages.

I would think my having 2 accounts is confusing to you and the community.
Can we simplify this?
Perhaps, when people login with their Github account, they can edit wiki pages?

Thanks, Bob

I'm loggin in with my github account and can edit wiki pages.

I just noticed: You are registered twice: once with github login, once without.
You should be able to edit wiki pages with both. I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to do so.

And now I can update just fine. Don't know what it might have been. Thanks for helping me out! -Bob

What's the updated registration procedure?

or give Paul your name, desired wiki name and mail address on IRC.

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