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Hi @wiki-account, I'd like to add a section to install a Root CA certificate to TLS/SSL certificates for a server following the solution found in How to install / trust a root CA certificate?.

Thank you.


I do not necessarily need a @wiki-account , but I would like to change as the information provided and the suggested approach is unnecessary difficult for beginners.

In a different approach using lftp is recommended, which allows to store all the commands applied by the user in a separate file, so there is no need for "fast keyboard skills".

Solution is described here: Flashing OpenWrt FritzBox 3370 - #6 by openwrt4

(post deleted by author)

Hi @wiki-account,
I would like to add some information to the Fritzbox 7362SL hardware page: [OpenWrt Wiki] AVM FRITZ!Box 7362 SL.
I found out that that the Fritzbox generates some acoustical noise from internal switching power supply circuits, especially remarkable at boot time.
Using the original AVM Fritzbox Firmware the noise disappears after 30 seconds,
however if you use Openwrt firmware, the noise stays. This might annoy people who want install that device in some quite place like the sleeping room.
I found a solution to add a 1k...3k3 resistor on the pcb to the analouge telefony part, giving the supply circuit some defined load, and then the noise is gone.

As the openwrt firmware of the 7362SL doen´t support the telefony part (yet), maybe the telefony circuit isn´t set to a specific state (an assumption). So adding the resistor is a hardware-workaround.

I could extend the 7362SL wiki page by myself (applying for an account) or I could provide the information to someone how extend the page then.

Thank you,

(I work as electronics engineer.)