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Post here, mentioning @wiki-account, stating that you want to get a wiki account.
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New to the wiki, don't know how to edit?

Creating new devicepages and dataentries


Hi @wiki-account I would like to get a wiki account.

I am in the progress of flashing the EA9500 and I want to add some missing info while I'm at it. Just more convenient to be able to make those changes myself.

Would also be nice to be able to close this post myself

Best regard,

Hello @wiki-account I would like to get a wiki account.

I want to add a link to the firmware snapshot for the D-Link DIR-869 A1 device.

Hi @wiki-account I would like to get a wiki account for help in Italian translation.

@wiki-account, I'd like to add that I successfully installed 22.03.5 to a tp-link Archer A7.

Hej @wiki-account, I would like to get access to a wiki account so I can add the TP-Link M4R (v4) to the table of hardware because that device is supported.

Hey @wiki-account, I would like to get access to wiki account, so I can extend the VirtulaBox HowTo page with a guide how to statically enlarge the rootfs partition size.