How to randomize the WAN Mac address on each reboot?

Why do you need this: I want to get a new public IP address everytime I reboot the router in order to (for example) bypass the megaupload restrictions etc


Only the far-end equipment of your ISP sees MAC.

Is "megaupload" an ISP "sales phrase", or a website?

If a website, changing MAC does nothing.

:bulb: So you're actually tying to force your ISP to issue new IPs to you?

IPv6 or IPv4?

:spiral_notepad: (You don't have to change MAC to get a new IP address for IPv6)

:warning: (and doing that via IPv4 without ending the lease may cause other issues with your ISP - that they'll eventually trace to you, and not like!)

:warning: also, if it's a website - @psherman notifying a mod, because asking how to violate terms-of-services, etc. is not allowed on this forum

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You wrote the abuser part in your nickname wrong.

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Im from argentina, I doubt they care. Ive been doing this since 2008 but manually.
I would like to automatize the process.

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Only the far-end equipment of your ISP sees MAC.

Why do they need to see my MAC?

Because you want Internet (i.e. ISP connection).

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So, if i understand right, it's like this:

My device with MAC --> asking ISP for IP --> ISP gives IP --> MAC is now hidden by IP and websites I visit will only see IP ?


MAC- Layer 2
IP - Layer 3

(This is not OpenWrt-specific.)

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Just do a bash script to randomly modify the mac and put in /etc/init.d and call it from /etc/rc.d (like all any other init script). Use the $RANDOM variable of bash scripting.

Some ISPs change the customer public ip address when the mac is changed (they have semi fixed ip address). And I guess that's the reason of he want to do it, he want to create a random mac, to get different ip address from his ISP each time and that way he can access to certain web services who limit access by ip address.