WAN privacy and security

I have this router.

Some questions about WAN MAC:

  1. Can ISP see my MAC on WAN in SIM mode?
  2. Can ISP see my MAC on WAN in repeater mode?
  3. Can ISP see my MAC on WAN in cable mode? As I know, yes (link) but not sure about glinet routers.

If even one is “yes” how to make it different? Is there anything like feature in phones (AKA “private address”)?

They would have to in order for your device to participate on their network. But it would likely be the imei.

Depends on the topology of your network. Probably not.

Again, depends on the topology and what you mean by cable mode (and what is upstream of your device).

MAC addresses are an L2 construct. They are not visible once they pass through the next router in the topology.

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But main router can. Can’t it leak it to ISP (it is ISP router)?


It would be meaningless upstream of the main router. Chances are that it is not sending the MAC address to the isp - it would be silly to bother. If the router is issued by the isp, I can’t guarantee that the upstream router doesn’t send the MAC address to them. But it is unlikely. If it’s any normal non-isp issued router, no, it will not send it.

Same answer.

I cannot control that router. There is only password and name setup settings. That’s all. It not even physically located in my apartment (it is outside, right behind the wall, locked in box)

I can’t guarantee anything, but like I said, it is unlikely and not meaningful once it it beyond the first upstream router.

I would recommend that you don’t worry about it.

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