How to Pronounce "OpenWrt"?

I've been using OpenWrt since the heady days of Whiterussian on a Linksys wrt54g.
The "wrt" standing for "wireless router".

I think the OpenWrt naming stems from that device, maybe some one as old as me will remember if that is true :mage:

Hailing from the UK, I have always pronounced OpenWrt as "OpenRoot".
I have heard others saying "OpenRowt".

But recently I have heard in some Youtube videos "Open Doubleyou Arrr Teee".

This last one does not seem right to me. Apart from being cumbersome, it implies "OpenWRT", whereas the first two seem very logical given regional pronunciation differences of the English language.

Is there a definitive/official answer?

@tmomas Any thoughts?

Open Woo Roo Too (W as in Wireless) is my preference. :smiley:

I think it also depends whats your nativ language is :slight_smile:


I quite like that :smiley:

Maybe "Woo Root" (or "Woo Rowt") fits better in my head:

It definitely depends on the native language: It used to be Open (as in English) WRT (three individual German letters) for me. In recent years I've changed to "Open Doubleyou Arrr Teee".


So how do you say "OpenWrt"?

Is that change due to hearing it used elsewhere or some other reason?

Other reason: I'm trying to get rid of mixed English-German pronunciations.

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Yes, mixed language pronunciations, particularly in science/technology fields can be confusing - unless of course by common usage it becomes a de-facto standard :smiley:

In German Language i use most of the time Open W R T (german pronounciation).
But technically its bot easy possible to find a „correct“ one, as the Wrt is not a correct short term.
Maybe Open Wireless Router?


I think it is not so much an incorrect term, but simply part of the OpenWrt Registered Trade Mark.
The original meanings of the letters W, r and t are long forgotten.

In some kind of phonetic pronouncement it would probably be openveerrrtee for me.

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"Open DoubleU Arrr Teee".


German pronounciation when I'm talking to german speaking persons, english pronounciation otherwise, but always Wrt as single letters.

Have no "double u"(or well, double v) in my language, so, "å/(o)pen v r t".
W is like c, it's king to not be a pedantic cunt over c's and k's.

I'm used to say "Open doublevé air té" in french and "Open double u ar tea" in english. I try to stick with the natural pronoucation in each language. I assume you can do the same with other languages. As long as your interlocutor understands you, no worry.

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I pronounce it Leeee Deeeee
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Open v[æ] [æ]r t[æ]

In China openwrt forums, sometimes, it's short for OP or Op.

:+1: As do I here above the 49th paralell