How to make my wan ip address static

Hello i installed wifix which is openwrt. And i have a static IP address which comes from my ISP. But when i login i see the IP dynamic which changes i called ISP he says the IP static how to do configuration on openWrt so my get that static ip address. Please help!!

change protocol on the wan interface to static address, and enter the values your ISP have provided.

your device doesn't appear to be supported by openwrt, you should ask the person/company who provided you with the firmware/hw.


I have 4G modem on this Router and it connects automaticlly. I didnt creat a wan interface and dont see option where to change protcol to static more information please

then the 2nd part of my reply applies ...

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No the router support openwrt its ZBT WG3526

then flash openwrt to it, what you are using now, isn't the official version.

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Sorry I'm new into this do you have a link for official firmware for this router

tried the link above your post ?

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Yes. But this wifix its not openwrt firmware? I mean i can't use it for static ip address?

it's (probably) based in openwrt, most router firmwares are, but it's a black box for us, what it can, and cannot do, we don't know ...

as already stated, ask the wifix people, or install proper openwrt.


Ok after i install the openwrt the link u gave me. How to make my moden works? I need to creat interface? Can u give me information or a video shows how to make a 4G interface on openWrt and to make it connects to internet thank you

wow, you really didn't spend any time on the link provided, did you ?

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I just downloaded the firmware , so u mean all the information are written there ?) Ok ill check out

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You won't know, until you've read it...

Hi friend i have problem when i tried to update list on software it gave me failed !! Why? How i can fix this problem soo i can search qmi package?

Does you device have internet?

No its the main router

Then it should definitely have internet?

If you need to set up LTE for internet access, share wifi from your phone.
Go into wireless do scan and join, the phones wifi.
Set the connection in the wan zone, and install the packages you need.

I have problem now it suddenly restarted alone and not geting to the getaway page i tried to make hard reset but i still cant get the page where to upload firmware again opssss any help friend?

Can u help me?