How to Install OpenWrt on Linksys WHW01 [GUIDE]

I found many users struggling to find the right guide to installing OpenWrt on Velop WHW01 Mesh System. Here is a brief install guide;


As this is not a stable version but a snapshot (nightly), It might not be as stable but it should work.

Tested with openwrt
build version
SNAPSHOT (r22307-4bfbecbd9a)

and flashed using Linksys web UI
firmware version

  1. Go to this URL

  2. Click on arrow icon with text "Customize installed packages and/or first boot script" to expand

  3. In the Installed Packages section add " luci" this will add WebGUI for you to manage
    your router. Note: you must add a single space to indicate that it is a new package
    as shown in the image below

  1. then scroll down and click on the REQUEST BUILD Button

  2. Build process will start and might take a minute or a few seconds, you will see a Build successful message if you scroll up a little on that site.

  3. Scroll down and you should see FACTORY Button, this should download the image you will use to flash your router

  4. Follow the second method stated in the link below called
    Alternative method: Using a specific link

  5. When it is done flashing, it should display the OK message as stated in the above article and you can connect to your router openwrt using

Note: Make sure no other device (i.e some other router in the network) is using this IP or change this IP after logging in to avoid IP conflicts. If you are unable to access the GUI due to conflict, try setting a static IP then log in again.

Happy Flashing :slight_smile:

There is a devicepage where installation instructions can be found:

You are right, but the method is too complicated and not everyone wants to open their device and connect it using serial, besides, the firmware link given is also broken and I was unable to find an option to edit anything on the wiki.

Done, download links updated.

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