How to enable/build h264parse plugin on openwrt?

Hi All,

h264parse plugin basically locate in plugin-bad.
But using make menuconfig to check, looks like no option to enable h264parse.
How can I enable/build it? Please advise. Thanks.

use search function "/" to find what you are looking for, guessing you will have to enable patented functionality

Hi anomeome,

I try to enable patented functionality at gst libav, looks like it is differ from videoparsersbad: h264parse: H.264 parser.

I double check the source code folder, there is no videoparsedbad folder, why?

gst-plugins-base-1.16.2$ ls gst/video*
videoconvert/ videorate/    videoscale/   videotestsrc/ 

Please help. Thanks.

After changing Makefile of gst1-plugin-bad, successfully build h264parse.

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