Editing gst1-plugins-bad Make file to support H264parse plugin

Hi all,

I'm trying to get gstreamer's h264parse plugin as it is not natively included in openwrt's gst1-plugins-bad package. From this post here, I know I can edit the make file and recompile it using openwrt's SDK. However, I am having trouble properly editing the make file as my builds always fail, does anyone know what changes to make in order to support this plugin? The make file on my system is identical to this here.

And the steps I take in order to compile the packages are as follows:

  1. Use vi to edit and save the make file at ~/sdk/feeds/packages/multimedia/gst1-plugins-bad
  2. run ./scripts/feeds update -a
  3. run ./scripts/feeds install gst1-plugins-bad
  4. run make menuconfig
  5. select gst1-plugins-bad and its dependencies
  6. make package/gst1-plugins-bad/compile

And from my understanding 6) is enough to generate the ipk files that I can scp and install to my router which is all I want.

Thanks for the help!


In the Make file linked above I noticed this videoparsersbad line is commented out (line 405). I know that the h264parse plugin is within this package, however, when I uncomment and compile the build still fails. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

$(eval $(call GstBuildPlugin,timecode,timecode support,,,))
$(eval $(call GstBuildPlugin,videofiltersbad,videofiltersbad support,,,))
$(eval $(call GstBuildPlugin,videoframe_audiolevel,videoframe_audiolevel support,,,))
#$(eval $(call GstBuildPlugin,videoparsersbad,videoparsersbad support,,,))
$(eval $(call GstBuildPlugin,videosignal,videosignal support,,,))
$(eval $(call GstBuildPlugin,vmnc,vmnc support,,,))