How to disable DNS entry in IPv6 router advertisements?

I'm using SLAAC for IPv6 on my LAN so I've configured OpenWRT to send router advertisements.

The issue is that, in these RA, it advertises itself as DNS server. This is not intended in my case as I'm running an (IPv4-only) DNS server on a separate machine, which is properly advertised via DHCPv4 option no. 6.

How can I remove the DNS entry from OpenWRT's router advertisements?

I know I could make my other DNS server listen to IPv6 and set that one as upstream in OpenWRT but that's not an option for me. I'd like to handle local DNS via IPv4 only and have clients talk to my local DNS server directly without going through the OpenWRT box first.

In this post I've seen LuCI fields for defining what exactly is announced but these options seem not to be present anymore.

I'm using 21.02-rc4 by the way. Thanks in advance!

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Big thanks for that link, quite embarrassing I didn't find that ref page :grimacing:

For everyone that might be as stupid as me, trying to translate that into a proper uci call:

$ uci set dhcp.lan.ra_dns=0
$ uci commit
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