How to connect Xiaomi 4C to cell phone's wifi?

When I use lan it show light on router but stuck on wired connecting after while it show
Wired off
When I use Wan it not show light but wired connected.
I'm, always turn WiFi off

Oh it my mistake I thought Wan port was lan port I'm so sorry.
But when I connected it show hotspot login page it seems like error graphics
What should I do??

could you cut out the PC screen here? Follow youtube, maybe you got it work.

can I ask more questions
can I use the CLI web browser to config the admin page through ssh?
what is the best could you recommend?

You have to try yourself, and report your problems.

In my openwrt routers, I would install luci-app-ttyd, then I can use CLI after login the router via Luci web access.

In my PCs, always work in the same network segment to access the target router:
Linux PC: I use FileZilla to transfer files by ssh.
WindowsPC: use WinSCP.

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