How to connect Xiaomi 4C to cell phone's wifi?

i try set up using miwifi app didnt show my router
what should i do ??

Wifi is off by default in openwrt, if this is a fresh install.

If you want to set it up as a client, to the phone, go to wifi -> scan -> join

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If you want to set it up as a client, to the phone, go to wifi -> scan -> join

it show like 0 home cable detected.
should i install openwrt ?

If you want any help here you need to, since this is the OpenWrt forum not an Xaiomi forum.

I don't think the stock firmware supports your proposed use case of a phone's hotspot as the Internet uplink, but OpenWrt will.


do you have the installation guide ??

Note the top side warning.

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Note the top side warning.

how can i check for this ?

I think the only way is to open it up.

Read more about it here OpenWrt on xiaomi-4a-gigabit will infinite restart

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thank you.

i following there step to step 4 but still show like
0 home cable detected.
& dont have
stok URL
what should i do ??

Who shows this?

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router ip address in web browser.

in my phone >

Tap here to sign in to network > experience it now > Home network cable not detected > Use this network as is >

Please type your questions/status as more details as possible.

What firmware you are using, stock or openwrt?
The device can connect internet via Wan / Lan port?

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i use stock firmware trying to install openwrt.

my phone can't as you can see. do you have an advice ??

What exactly fails in step 4 in the install process of openwrt?

Xiaomi 4C: there are some video on youtub, step by step, then tell us which step your are not pass.

You have to connect internet first by Wan port / Lan port, do not use WiFi at the openwrt installation process.

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my slim laptop is have no wan,lan port too can you recommand me the gadget ?

Buy the cheapest one available.

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  1. connect 4C WAN to master router by cable
  2. connect 4C LAN1 to Linux-PC Lan port by cable
  3. power-on 4C, setup to normal router to internet, got the Status page
  4. get the stok code : 68602bb8e45664d9c0exxxxxxxxxxxxx

If you do not have a PC with Lan port, I do not know how to do it.

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nvm, i found the little button at the bottom that i thought it cannot click.
i can config using wifi now.