How should the Coverage Cell Density setting be used?

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Is there any suggestion or guidance on how to best configure the new Coverage Cell Density setting now present under Advanced Settings of Device Configuration for a radio?

The UI says that the option: "Configures data rates based on the coverage cell density. Normal configures basic rates to 6, 12, 24 Mbps if legacy 802.11b rates are not used else to 5.5, 11 Mbps. High configures basic rates to 12, 24 Mbps if legacy 802.11b rates are not used else to the 11 Mbps rate. Very High configures 24 Mbps as the basic rate. Supported rates lower than the minimum basic rate are not offered."

The options from the dropdown are: Disabled, Normal, High and Very High


The higher you set, the faster clients will connect, but clients which are far and cannot connect to the advertised speeds will be denied. You can start from very high and go down until all your clients connect within the range you wish.

I spent some time and did some research and found this from a CWNE:

And also this:

And this thread from a CWNE:

It shows that Normal and High can usually be used safely but Very High should be just for special cases and 802.11b rates should always be disabled where possible.


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