How come 18.06 has no code name

This will be a silly question but how come 18.06 doesn't have a code name? The trunk used to be called "Designated Driver"...

We could always give it a code name. How about "Alvin & The Chipmunks." The theme song from the 1980's show has a few lyrics that would fit nicely.

Something synonymous with the events of the past year such as:
"Cohesion Reunification"
Or an anagram for OpenWrtLede like:
"Pewter Loden"

Anagram Generator:

Online Thesaurus, Dictionary and more:

Have fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

Skipping "DD" and staying with cocktail theme names

Electric Espresso

OpenWRT 18.06.0 is fine too, and more informative


If we're going with the drinks names again, it could be one of:

  • Eagle Eye
  • Easter Egg
  • Ekatherina Andreevna
  • Emily Emily

These version names are also getting on my nerves and I am a big fan of the numbering version scheme but if I must come up with some ideas what about Bloody Merry or from another perspective Big But? ;- )

Electric Espresso sounds good


I like it!

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Perhaps it is more efficient to ask the devs about their opinion regarding release nicknames, before putting any substantial efforts into finding an "EE" name.

I have no source for this information, but if I remember correctly there was a decision to drop release aliases as by agreeing on a name the release process is slowed down.

It was a decision by the developers to drop the version names during the LEDE fork. It was partially too confusing to newcomers that the trunk already has branding while still as bleeding edge and the name stays in the conversion into a stable branch.

During my usage of OpenWrt, trunk has been named as Backfire, Attitude Adjustment, Barrier Breaker, Chaos Calmer and Designated Driver... (which then stagnated for 1.5 years while LEDE progressed forward in its fork.)

And the joke with drink names got already stale.

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The reason I brought up the 1980's Alvin & The Chipmunks show, the theme song has these lyrics in it...

It's been a while, but
We're back with style, so
Get set
To have some fun
We'll bring you action
And satisfaction

and near the end...

We're the Chipmunks
Coming on stronger than ever before

Just think it would be fitting due to the merging.

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For the definitive history of the sentiment/vote, you can read the email thread from October 2017...

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Just for the vote: I am also against this code names. Version numbers are more then enough.

hello user 153274593

your opinion as a basic user is irrelevant. this is not a poll so no voting of any kind here either. or should've i just used you nickname when saying hello?

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I was about to say the same.

Alea iacta est.

No need to be rude. What does his user level have to do with anything? He stated an opinion, which he is allowed to do.

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nothing. i just had to write something when giving him designation. opened his profile and join date was first that caught my eye. would be too bad if the newcomers started giving chimunk names from the limerick 80s shows...

Wow, you just love to be rude.