FAQ: General - page out of date?

The page Frequently Asked Questions: General seems to have been migrated/imported from the old LEDE website to the OpenWRT website without consideration for its contents.

It mostly addresses questions about the LEDE/OpenWRT split. As the two projects have now merged, questions about the relative merits of the original OpenWRT codebase or the LEDE fork are no longer likely to be frequently asked.

I therefore propose that most or all of the content of that page should be deleted, and perhaps also the page itself. Does anyone agree with (or object to) this?

2 days ago:

6 days ago:

10 days ago:

under 60 days ago:


I do agree the section that references which firmware to use is now (in Present Day) extremely confusing, and should be removed:

  • Were there any technical reasons to split from OpenWrt?

This section seems deprecated:

  • Will OpenWrt Chaos Calmer still be supported?


  • All syntax and phraseology should be tweaked to reference OpenWrt instead of "LEDE;" but the split and remerge should remain noted somehow (for a while).

I have now tidied up the page. I aimed to keep your feedback in mind as I did so :slight_smile:


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