How can I test VDSL modems without having a VDSL line with openwrt?

I was researching about this, it seems I might need a PPPOE server thing? I think this is doable with openwrt.
Here is the thing, I test VDSL modems and refurbish them if they need to be. But, I don't have VDSL line, it's all fibre here. Can I use an openwrt router that simulates, that as if it sends VDSL signals to the modems I want to? I mean all those network devices are just "computers" after all. It should be possible? I think this require a PPPOE server am I right?

I came accross this, is this what I would need?
If I do this, how to send that data to a VDSL modem's DSL port? How would it work though?

Ordinary modems (CPEs) can't do what you are trying to do. You won't get connection at the ATM/PTM layer. You need a DSLAM if you want to test DSL modems.

If you only want to test PPPoE client functionality, you can set up a PPPoE server and connect to the modem via Ethernet WAN port (not DSL) and set the WAN to PPPoE.

Isnt there an ethernet to dsl cable, or some converter thing? That DSLAM thing is extremely expensive.

There are VDSL master modems like
(excuse the language), but it is not clear whether these require special modems on the other side, or whether they will work with the modems you want to use...
On the other hand ISP all over Europe should be retiring their DSLAMs, so maybe you can get a second hand DSLAM somewhat more affordable.

Maybe see this:

Planet VC-231G might be what you are looking for...

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That might be it. But, 150$ hecking dollars? Omfg that is soo expensive for a damn VDSL bridge. FAK.

Maybe used ones will be cheaper. My pair of converters costs $40 at a local classifieds website.