DSLAM Emulation

I recently got a VDSL->Ethernet converter. The model of the converter is Planet VC-231G. I wanted to share that when connected to the VDSL port on the BT Home Hub 5A, I can create a VDSL2 link between two devices. This allows to create a test environment to emulate a VDSL DSLAM. A second use case could be to transmit Ethernet over telephone wire using a single adapter (a router with openwrt as a second device is much cheaper than a second converter). I also have an older version of the VC-231 (100Mbps Ethernet only). Unfortunately, the router is unable to get synchronization with it. On the other hand, it is possible to create a link between VC-231 and VC-231G models.


I can confirm that, worked with Easybox 904 for me, I even managed to get a link through railway tracks at CCCamp2023 with it ;-]
Sadly it seems quite expensive at the usual suspects and only rarely appears in bearable prices.
I tried attaching it to ADSL modems and routers, but to no avail - sync would fail immediately, only VDSL2 CPEs worked for me.