How can I reset my router after a bad '/etc/config/dhcp' change?

I was trying to forward a particular IP to a particular device by MAC. I followed the instructions provided here. First I sshed into the router and edited the /etc/config/dhcp file by adding this to the end...

config host
        option ip           ''
        option mac       'Whatever'
        option name     'Robot Brain'

But now when I restart the router the networks start but I get no internet and I can't ssh or log into the admin console. I tried resetting (holding the button for 30 secs) and everything else I can think of but no luck. The router is an Archer C5 v1 (

Is there any way to unbrick this thing?

30 seconds may be too long. Try this:

Turn on openwrt router for a minute.
Press Reset button for 10 seconds and 'immediately' release button as soon as LEDs change colour.

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Tried for just 10 secs but I didn't see anything change color

I can push the button a lot on boot and get the sun (?) icon to flash but I still can't ssh and I don't see a gateway when I run ipconfig

The TFTP debrick worked I would recommend the youtube video Fi0pC_ON5Vo

if you are getting a flashing icon (which is probably a 'world'/globe as a symbol for the internet), you probably did manage to get failsafe mode working (hopefully). You have to manually set your IP address on your host computer.

IP address: (anything other than, but within the subnet)
Subnet mask:

Then try to ping and/or ssh into the router.

EDIT: looks like you got it sorted out a different way.

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Failsafe mode or TFTP recovery, as explained in detail in the wiki article that you linked.

I ended having to reflash using the TFTP(?) method.

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Try to connect with a fixed IP address, it might be that your router started but that your DHCP server didn't.

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