How can flow-offloading be enabled on lantiq xrx200 devices?

I have some Lantiq xrx200 devices here. I have the problem that the DSL-Speed is higher then what the device can handle in routing speed. The OEM Firmware can handle the full speed without problems.

There is a post here about general speedup: How can we make the lantiq xrx200 devices faster

The user @slh told here, that the lantiq devices could handle about 100mbit with flow-offloading:

How can that be enabled?

You need kernel >= 4.14 (that means current master snapshots, not 18.06), then you can tick the checkbox in your firewall settings.

Thanks a lot for the reply. When the code can be build again, i would try that out. ( Latest openwrt git cant build (08.08.2018, ucert - )

Could you explain a bit more for understanding how flow-offloading differs from what the OEM firmware did on the lantiq devices? The OEM Firmware uses as far as i know hardware acceleration. I think flow-offloading in kernel 4.14 still dont use the hardware acceleration build in the chipset. Right?

The lantiq hardware has several hardware acceleration units, so far no drivers are available for these. Flow-offloading predominantly speeds up netfilter (the firewall) code in software, while it also allows hooks for offloading flows to the hardware, lantiq doesn't offer these so far (leaving only software flow-offloading for now).

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From your thread regarding the build issue, applying PR1259.patch does allow the build to succeed.

Thanks. Software flow offloading helped! Now the speed is much higher.

It would be great if someone could implement also hardware acceleration features. That would make possible to get higher speeds.

Hi, what is your throughput now?
So you're using the image of the master snapshot and flow offloading activated ?

About 100Mbit