BT Homehub 5 performance


I have several homehub 5’s I picked up for pennies and have flashed with 18.0.6

They work well but I am struggling to get the full 80mb out of my FTTH connection.

Are there any recommendations on what I could do to improve things?

The best I can get with a single wired device and no WiFi enabled is 60mb. With the isp provided fritzbox 3940 I can get 78-79mb.


Try to upgrade to a master snapshot with kernel 4.14 and enable flow-offloading, that will bump VDSL routing throughput to roundabout 100 MBit/s.

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Thanks, will give a snapshot a go. How do you enable offloading?

I am not using vdsl though. The fibre NTE is in my house with an Ethernet port. It's fibre to the premise/home.

Using LuCI:

Network > Firewall > Software flow offloading [x]

On the command line:

uci set 'firewall.@defaults[0].flow_offloading=1'

Then save and activate your changes as needed.
On the Home Hub 5, OpenWrt does not support hardware flow offloading, you can keep it unset.

You might want to disable the DSL start script in this case.

System > Startup > dsl_control > Enabled --> Disabled

Command line:

/etc/init.d/dsl_control disable
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Not sure if you're aware of this thread:

It's fairly regularly updated, including the linked PDF guide.

I'd be interested in how flow offloading on a master snapshot improves throughput if you do try it, as on 17.01.4 it was pretty hamstrung:

"Estimated maximum routed throughput from WAN to a device connected to 5 GHz wifi, is about 52+ mbps when using LEDE 17.01.4 stable, and 60+mbps when tested with a snapshot which is SMP-enabled."

And also nice topic: How can we make the lantiq xrx200 devices faster

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