Hiring to maintain a fork of OpenWrt for 4/32 devices

I agree with the LEDE devs: OpenWRT should support commodity routers. One big advantage of the LEDE/OpenWRT project is that it allows me to take cheap commodity hardware and get enterprise-grade reliability and features. This router is probably the most popular router in the world. The factory firmware supports a IPv6 and a Web UI and even has a really cool mobile app. I can't think of a technical reason OpenWRT can't support it. OpenWRT's reluctance to support 4/32 seems to be coming from a place of economic privilege. The majority of the world's population lives in Asia, Africa, and South America and buying a better router isn't an option. Millions of people got their 4/32 routers from their ISPs.


We are hiring to maintain a fork of OpenWRT that supports 4/32 devices. Apply here:

The issues with running on 4/32 devices are not imaginary... they are outlined in detail here https://openwrt.org/supported_devices/openwrt_on_432_devices

Even if you can squeeze everything needed into 4mb of flash, will you still have enough space left to maintain config settings, or ram to run everything?


Shure. Doing this for simple hotspots, for example. Including coova-chilli, which needs quite some RAM during startup. The openwrt-emphasis on >4/32 devices I consider a bit "elitaer". Or deficiency of know-how.

I imagine all that would be needed is to maintain LEDE 17.01 and update kernels.

already started some work independent from the job :slight_smile:

Mmmh, something seems up with that link:

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link fixed :slight_smile: - thanks for the heads up

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