High voltage warning

Continuing the discussion from Howto install OpenWrt on Asus RP-N53:

First of all, Linux expects the user to know what he is doing. The same is true for electricity.
As we see almost every day in the forum, users oftentimes do not know what they are doing.
A warning seems advisable.

Proposals for an infobox which can be included on all 80 devices which are listed as mains powered:

Which one do you like better?
Is the text clear enough for everybody to understand the risks involved?

Comments are welcome!


thanks @tmomas for your swift and collaborative action on this concern...


  • i'd be happy with the red one... with a picture of a skeleton getting lit-up
  • and perhaps a small line about it also possibly being illegal(check the laws and regulations in your region)

suppose would be consistent/prudent to also attempt to implement a similar warning within the forum... either one by one per posts as noticed ( header? ) or perhaps a pinned topic in hardware?

I agree that the first one looks more intimidating.

Some playing around:

  • ISO 7010 W012 Warning sign added
  • different background colors


One more:

  • text re-arranged
  • corner rounding removed
  • width reduced



While I don't have a real preference for either of them, I think this is a good idea. A similar warning is probably in order for all devices with integrated xDSL modem as well, as the phone lines might carry up to 90 volts (one would hope that $user disconnects their device from the phone line before messing with it, but…).