HG8145V5 - OpenWrt Firmware Request

Please develop for HUAWEI HG8145V5




Not possible, everything about Huawei is closed source.

Huawei ONT use in-house Hisilicon processors which have no upstream Linux support.

PD: I have Huawei EG8145V5 ONT from my ISP in bridge mode because stock firmware is featureless and a privacy threat (Huawei Cloud Services telemetry).

PD2: This Huawei ONT is also responsible for causing bufferbloat on my 100mbps line because ISP misconfigured them to enable a bandwidth rate limiter which queues packets like crazy.


Get in line..

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I don't understand why they not releasing the source code and stating it's based on Open Source, GPL

Because they're in China, and don't give a rats ass.


would be better if you took a job as a CTO, and demanded your suppliers to work with the open source community, when you did your RFPs.

I like the idea but I think you need a high volume of units to get cheaper prices from chip manufacturers such as Qualcomm or Mediatek.

can you post the firmware here?

what firmware ?

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HUAWEI HG8145V5 firmware

If you mean one from Huawei, then you're asking at the wrong place.
If you mean Openwrt, who said there's one?

These devices are flooding the markets here are some firmware images https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/15pD1jSPxiTKCv3XA8DyLJhYPEsurArR2

Thanks. Can these firmware be flashed with the UI and ONT settings? or does it need external software?

Check YouTube, github, csdn, and huawei customer account. What do you want to achieve more specifically?

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