Help with my first installation of OpenWrt mi 4a

No i did not try scp but i just create a simple python3webserver on my downloads folder and it worked i able to put that img sug curl and ./busybox i have checked the checksum also and i use v1 stable and it worked now i need to test how it works. Thanks everyone for prolonged discussion and prompt reply and help. Thanks.

i dont have wifi

see if everything is ok
and which i need to turn on

Screenshot from 2023-03-01 16-46-02
why 5ghz power is low???

I change it to auto channel and now all fixed. I am happy enough.
Hi is there anything like hardware and software offloading i find it on a youtube video what and how to turn it on should i

I just installed on another router 4a router.

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does anyone know if this device supports mumimo as it have mentioned in here