Help with Imagebuilder (CF-E538AC)

I'm trying to figure out how to build image for comfast CF-E538AC.
Device appears supported in openwrt 19.07.4 but no build downloadable image is available on device page yet, i've cranked up imagebuilder but CF-E538AC is not listed in target profile section of MediaTek Ralink MIPS -> MT7620 -> (on fresh git clone)
Did i miss something or all is correct and i should start with generic image and make edits till it suit my device hardware ???

Which git source are you using? If it's new hardware then you'll probably need master like I do with the Rpi4.

as in imagebuilder guide, could you point me to correct git repo ?
yes it is quite new addition, it wasn't there few weeks/months back

or better yet:
sorry for dumb question but what is a master?

Can you find your model in list of configs, or in snapshot?

no, unless it is hidden somewhere i didn't search

So, i had a look around and could not find my model anywhere, also i could not find quite few other comfast models which are listed as supported but lack own target images in imagebuilder, imagebuilder operation is clear as long as it is fully supported hardware but in my case it is not, so does it mean that "default" target profile will work for my device straightaway or i should rather either wait for someone to generate correct target image or attempt to make target image myself within imagebuilder

There is no git commit that added support for the CF-E538AC.
My guess is that the user who created the dataentry set it to 19.07.4 without checking for real OpenWrt support (which doesn't exist) AFAICS.

Thanks for your reply, yes that's make a sense and i was suspecting that outcome. so lets hope maybe in the future i will get more luck.

In the meantime I got feedback from the user who created the dataentry:

The device's factory firmware is a slightly modified OpenWRT

Since there isn't any git commit that added support for this device, nor any official OpenWrt image on, I have updated support status from 19.07.4 to "external image" now.

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Big thanks to @tmomas for reaching out and inviting me. I was the one who created the misleading entry.
I have patches that are working for CF-E538AC, but currently do not have the time to learn all that is needed to submit them in the way and format needed to add them to the OpenWrt project.
I am happy to make them available in another form if interested.

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Still learning git at this moment, but here is a diff of the changes to support the device:

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WOW, that's really good news, thanks Tmomas for finding out Sven and thanks Sven for your contribution to project.
Honestly i'm in similar situation and gonna have to learn applying patches and/or adding new device which is ok but will take some time and for the time being i would greatly appreciate flashable firmware image (if you got one of course) and on another hand installation tips like will it flash via sysupgrade page or should i be aware of anything before start

I was trying to submit my patch, but have used the stable release and was asked to submit my patch against the latest (master) release.

Unfortunately, the LED and reset button stopped working in master and I have spent days trying to track down why.

I can provide you with a bin file for either version, but chances are that I haven't set everything up correctly to use the official package manager. So you would have to compile those yourself anyway, which means that you would not need my firmware either.

@jackie - I have added a firmware that you can simply upload to the thread below.