Help translating OpenWrts web interface

Hi all,
I added an instance of weblate which helps to conveniently translate the OpenWrt web interface. There are currently 27 languages to translate, if you speak more than one language, please join in and help translating!

Translation status


Will / are these translations officially used by the openwrt project?

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They are, daily merged.


I see that when translating an App (e.g. DDNS), a string that I modify is "Enabled" and is also modified in all apps with that word to translate. I mean, in one App it means one thing and in another it means something else even if it is the same word in English. I don't know if it can be deactivated or dodged.

Do you have one or more examples for this?

In the first image (DDNS) you can see that the word "Enabled", the desired translation is "Activar", but in luci-base (second image) it must be "Activado". I intended to translate only DDNS but apparently, other apps are also translated with the same word to translate that should not be modified, although in English it is the same word (and the system thinks they should be translated as well). I mean, the translation changes according to the context.

In this commit you can see.

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From what my Spanish skills are worth, Enabled should be Activado and Enable should be Activar. If there is an error in the PO templates please correct it there. I'm against having single words translated differently within the project, this likely causes us 26 times (for each language) trouble...