Help me with TP-LINK RE650 V1

You're right but it reverted to the old firmware :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oi Andre,

just for couriosity: Did you install 22.03 or 21.02? I have 21.02 on my RE650 V1, working perfectly. But maybe 22.03 has a bug with low transmission powers on V1 also, see Support for new model TP-Link RE650 V2 - #17 by tmomas

Hello, I was using version 21.02, but I tried to go back to the official version of TP-LINK and in doing so I bricked the device. So I came to get help for someone to help me resurrect my repeater, hope to get help as the solutions they gave me didn't work yet.

This is not even an attempt but it is to seal the coffin once and for all for easy solutions, when you downloaded the tplink firmware did you see if it had something written "boot" in the file? if it's written and you did force upgrade forget it, you only recover with serial and it's still risky to be forced to fix an art file

:pensive::pensive::pensive: hey then I'll have to say goodbye to my dear device.

could you explain me better? I'm totally new to the subject, or could you pass me the code of what you've already read so I wouldn't need to buy another one and I would just change the MAC, but I have no idea what what to do lol I'm a beginner in this area I played curious and I screwed up pretty. if you can help me i will be grateful.

You don’t need to buy another router

That linked above is the formware file.

You do need a flash programmer,

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thanks, I'm going to buy a programmer like yours and as soon as it arrives I'll try to save my beauty :blush:

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My last post, there are several factors that prevent access to your router, even windows 10 and firewall, this post helped me with several routers at least to access the serial (I resurrected my dear wdr 3600)

Good luck brother, your router has little information available because it is a new router on the market

I appreciate it, I will definitely see and follow all the tips, because can help me to recover my dear device will be of great help and I am very grateful, I don't know why TP-LINK makes restoring a repeater so difficult considering since it is the same chipset and all the functionality base is similar to a router

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