Help me to setup Wireguard

Hi Guys,
Here, I found many tutorials and videos on Youtube to setup WireGuard on OpenWrt step by step but no tutorial for how I can make ready necessary information ready for it like private, public key pear info and Dns, how I can make it ready, can anyone help me to setup Wireguard on Openwrt?

My requirement to make secure my local lan and wan using WireGuard and want to connect my laptop with Home wireguard network using internet.

I've already tried below link but no luck


See official Wiki:

(FYI, just install luci-app-wireguard and setup via web GUI.)

Also, there's numerous threads on this forum regarding Wireguard setup. Feel free to search.

You don't say what you're setting up Wireguard to do:

  • Do you have an account with a VPN provider you're trying to use? Or
  • Are you trying to setup remote access/VPN to your home network?

Dear @lleachii ,
Thanks for reply. I have installed luci-app-wireguard and configure it step by step using above Youtube video, here i have generated Public and Private key using wireguard windows app and use ip and dns configuration same as describe in video because i don't have dns and other ip info and no idea how to generate it.

My requirement is to secure my home network and change ip and location for streaming KODI media player also want to setup remote access/VPN to my home network?


To assist you, please answer questions.

In the future, please refrain from editing previous posts to add new information, it's confusing and difficult to follow (the information is quite easy to get lost or be missed).

Again, answer question:

Or do you run a remote VPS with Wireguard installed?

Recently I have installed Wireguard app in pc to generate public and private keys, for remote VPS no idea how I can perform

  • You can generate keys on OpenWrt, from the web GUI.

Is the remote VPS OpenWrt?

Otherwise, follow the standard Wireguard instructions.

  • You would number your network
  • OpenWrt uses the system's (WAN's) DNS setting, you must configure clients to route via WG or use DNS servers for that, see:
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I have generated it Openwrt, now keys are changed but still its not working.
for remote VPS, I want to use OpenWrt.

  • You would number your network : it means I can use anything from a/b/c reserved class ips? doesn't matter what I am using on OpenWrt local network?
    For DNS configuration, for now I am taking or (I'll update later once WireGuard setup done)


Are you currently running a remote server?

If so, what Operating System?


As long as there's no conflicts.

Also to be clear, your remote connection must be setup too for this to work. :bulb:

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for remote VPS, I want to use OpenWrt router as VPN server.
No, I don't have any remote sever.

for this experiment I have a OpenWrt Router and a Windows 10 machine.


You never said this was not real.

  • change IP: Please explain how your OpenWrt and Windows are setup to test such a sernario. I'm confused how you can test this with a Windows machine and no Wireguard connection to a device with second Public IP.
  • First: My instructions were to first setup the remote connection to get a new IP
  • :spiral_notepad: Next - Remote Access/VPN: I would inquire if you had issues setting up a WG for the VPN/remote access

Since you wouldn't have another Public IP...and you need a second Internet connection/mobile to test remote access, what exactly are you referring to that's "not working"?

Sorry I am also confused,
Let me explain one by one. please forgot everything. lets start with fresh.

I want to setup wireguard for torrenting, streaming and unblock watch content blocked by ISP. also I want remote access of my pc from anywhere using internet.

for above I have OpenWrt router with latest version and a windows 11 pc.
Please advise.


Yes, I have smartphone with mobile data

:open_mouth: OK...

Same sernario as before.


  • you will need a remote server (VPS) you setup Wireguard yourself; or
  • a VPN account with commercial Wireguard VPN provider

(This is why I asked you.)

  • Then you can setup your OpenWrt Wireguard interface and your phone's Wireguard app for remote access now
  • You can create a second for connection to IP change connection later

Or an account with a "free" Wireguard VPN provider :wink:

See: Is there any way to implement cloudflare warp free vpn in OpenWrt router?

:warning: you may still be restricted if the block is geographical, as you connect to your closet Cloudflare facility

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I am facing issue with cloudflare app in emulator
any solution/alternate of below, i have tried lower version as well


  • I have no clue why you're using a Cloudflare app
  • I have no clue why you're using an emulator
  • I have no clue what your screenshot is about

(Since this has nothing to do with my instructions or posts, I donno how to help you.)

  • Perhaps you can explain the post and screenshot?
  • :spiral_notepad: If this is another issue, you may wish to create a new thread
  • If you have questions about what's already been discussed, feel free to ask

This is about your second last suggestion, now i am trying to get cloudflair configuration from app. I have installed Android studio and using emulator i have installed the app, but app is crashing while i am trying to login. Its working fine in my mobile and pc as well
Could please suggest how i can i configure openwrt with cloudflair, same i am trying to complete with above process.

Thanks @lleachii


Since I'm not sure that's possible, perhaps you should instead simply follow the instructions in the thread I posted. They're known to work.

It's difficult to follow your progress when you undertake steps unrelated to the provided instructions.

Again, I have no clue why you're doing anything with an emulator and Cloudflare app.

:bulb: If you have questions, again feel free to ask.

:warning: Also, did you setup the remote access interface first (as I listed) - is it working???

In given link, first i need to setup cloudflair, for cloudflair i need its configuration first, how i can get? Where i can find private, public keys?

For now i have just created account on cloudflair and it's working fine using app in phone and pc, still i am searching a guide for remote access interface. Not implemented yet.