Help me to install OpenWrt on tp link mr3420 v2 router

sure, if you're fine with staying on openwrt 17 or 18.

there's no such thing, if you want it unbrickable, keep it switched off.

install the latest official openwrt available, then upgrade to the ath79 community build,
make sure to reset the settings in the process.
a how to has already been provided. at least for the 1st part.

What is your view about this one
Or should I flash the one provided by you above

there's no webUI ... if that's an issue for you, or not, I don't know ...

and stop bumping old threads with the pointless question about something being/becoming "unbrickable".

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Asking about being unbrickable makes sense.

Some Tp-Link firmware have working tftp unbricking feature, some doesn't. Also breed uboot can be installed for the same purpose.

How? Can you guide?

then it's not bricked, but soft bricked ... there's a difference.
if it's bricked, you'd need a flash mem reader/writer to fix it.

there's TFTP recovery for the mr3420 v2, it's in the wiki.

doesn't make your device less brickable ...

ssh root@ #or use PuTTY
  grep machine /proc/cpuinfo #check device identification
  cd /tmp
  wget HTTP-URL #copy URL from browser, HTTPS won't work
  sysupgrade -u -v openwrt- #use TAB to autocomplete filename

Sir where to put these commands?

just as what says ?

Putty to the device ...

Any way, I can do from the same from the web interface

depends on what the same is ...

First I will flash the system install image, which will be done by router upgrade image option. I am asking if I can upgrade to latest community build by the router web page itself not using putty

I'd do it via putty, but the webui should work too...

That's the same I was asking. But how? I am new to open wrt, I really don't know how to do it. I was using goldenorb previously

Read guides at

If you don't have basic knowledge, it is a bad idea to tinker with openwrt.

Google putty for dummies

And it's probably going to be telnet, not ssh, still doable using Putty.

@frollic @Pilot6 @psherman I have downloaded two image files from the link given above. One is factory one and the other is sysupgrade one. I have flashed factory one via web interface of official tp link web interface

What to do with sysupgrade image now

you're using the most recent stable, you're done.

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But why there are 2 files given then

One is for installing from OEM, the other for upgrading Openwrt.

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what @Pilot6 said