Help me to install OpenWrt on tp link mr3420 v2 router

I have tp link mr3420 v2 router, can anybody tell me how can I install latest open wrt firmware in it.

I am finding old links only. I want to install v21.

How can I do it, kindly help?

Your 3420 is a 4/32 device which is too old and doesn't have enough storage or RAM to run a modern version of OpenWrt.

The latest version that appears to exist is 17.01.7 for that device (which has been EOL for many years and should not be used for anything on the internet).

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Is it possible I can flash 841v8 firmware in it and can have the latest version

Probably not. They're different devices after all. I'd say there is a 99% chance you brick your device in the process.

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OpenWrt 21.02.x ath79 tiny LuCI but you won't be able to install any additional packages.

How to install it via web interface of router. I am on tp link official firmware.

I don't think there is a build for this device in the ath79 tiny set. You'll probably have to compile it yourself. EDIT: there is a build here. Download the 'factory' file and it should flash directly from the TP-Link firmware upgrade page. If you have a previous OpenWrt version installed, you'll use the 'sysupgrade' version instead.

Keep in mind that running 21.02 on a device with such limited resources will not be a good experience. It will probably be very slow.

What are you trying to do with this device?

I wanted to use this router as an acces point with my main syrotech 5ghz router placed on ground floor. My tp link router is placed on first floor. I am not getting good signal from my main router placed on ground floor.
And the link you have shared is of tp link 3040 not tp link 3420 v2. After searching I found the install image, but its link is broken

Do you have a wired connection between the two routers? This will be necessary.
The wifi performance on this device is quite limited by modern standards (802.11n @ 300Mbps max theoretical, actual speeds will be much lower).

To setup a dumb AP, the truth is that there is little to gain with OpenWrt vs the stock firmware in this case. You simply need to change the LAN IP address of this device to something in the correct subnet, but not conflicting with any other devices (static IP and DHCP pool), and then turn off the DHCP server.

But you will be better off with newer hardware no matter what you do.

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Sorry about the bad link. The correct link is here. If the image is broken, I can't help you there. Sorry. The tiny builds have a warning that they are not fully tested... just simply that it was possible to compile them.

Yes they are connected via ethernet wire. Can you pm me the full process. Or I can share my anydesk remote id with you.

It's right here... all of it happens in the stock firmware's web interface.

In my main router the dhcp pool is from to I am trying to change the lan static address of my slave tp link router to to avoid IP conflict. But whenever I am doing this the slave router is saying invalid IP, I don't know why.

the maximum valid host IP on a /24 network is .254 (.255 is the maximum possible value, but that is the broadcast address).

Change your main router's DHCP pool to be smaller -- maybe from 10-254. This should be in the DHCP settings for that device. Then make the 3420 (as an example).

Will try this for sure and reply you shortly with results

The link is dead, how can I obtain it now.

Odd... don't know, but that's not my site, so I can't tell you what happened.

But you don't need it. The MR3420 using the stock firmware will be fine in this case.


site works for me, but the URL is wrong ...

it's the same site as I linked to in my reply -
just needed two additional clicks.

Thank you for this, should I try it or stay on official?
And brfore flashing this, I want to make device unbrickable. Kindly help me by providing any tutorial to do the same.

It won't be slow. New packages probably can't be installed and number of STA will be limited. But it should work OK.

Can anybody tell me what is uboot method to make the device unbrickable?