Help me please choose right router to buy

Here is my typical use case. One device connected over Wi-Fi. Max speed from provider is 40 Mbit/s
May be sometime in future I will have tariff with higher speed.

I looking for router with reasonably low price. I wondering if it even possible to find some device with Gbit ports up to 100 USD. Which is save me from future need for upgrade.

I want router that working smooth with OpenWRT and able to use Web GUI

Take a look at the products supplied by GL.iNet to see if any fit your application. These are all supplied with openwrt. I have a Slate and a Creta as wireless routers behind my ISPs router (with the wireless turned off) to cover my house.

[I have no other connection with the company]

Thank you. Looks good. Unfortunately GL.iNet devices is not available on my local market. So it can takes few months to get this device. But I'd like too buy it sooner since my own router is dead now.

OK, I understand that. Do you have a raspberry pi3 or pi4. (or a pi1 or pi2 with usb wireless)?
They can make a temporary router to get you by for a while. I found them a bit tricky to set up, but this is made easier with a console cable to make sure you keep control. When you have finished with it you can go back to raspbian, or whatever.

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Here is a link to a rather terse but accurate article about the pi3.
You need to follow the instructions carefully.

The big question is perhaps, do you need a (V)DSL modem to connect to you ISPs line.
If so you will need to buy a 'proper' router

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Without knowing what is available in your market, it is hard to point to a specific device. What you can do is search the hardware database by criteria; ie Gbit eth

No I haven't any of these. I hope I just will find some thing appropriate on my market.

Yes. You right. I tried that way. And ended up with TP-Link Archer A7. It was an epic fail. Like people here says it's not really good device nowadays. It's not the worst. This device don't wanna flash.

So I decided to go other way.

I'll try to narrow down search area a little bit. In my contry most popular brands are Asus, Zyxel, D-Link, TP-Link, Netgear.