Help in unbricking TP-Link Archer C60 V3

Out of curiosity, I've replaced the string and managed to recalculate the checksum based on the OEM v3 (EU) image. The result is uploaded here:

Can somebody please verify whether this can be flashed via TFTP, I don't own the device anymore.


yea i''m doing it right now
will inform you about the results soon :smile:

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here are the results bro it works flawless and one more thing i cant link mt tp link id for some reasons ::slight_smile:

@adrianschmutzler Nice! For some reasons I still can't revert back to the original fw, possibly because I have the american model. Do you think you could apply the same patch for the US version available at ?

Thank you!

You may try this one:

However, please note:

  • The US image is 260 kB smaller than the EU image, so the device might have different partitioning (didn't check).
  • The firmware had soft_ver 1.0.1 (compared to 1.0.0 for the EU version), so I changed to 3.0.1 (instead of 3.0.0 for the EU version). This might become a problem when flashing OpenWrt again.

It worked, I am back on the stock firmware! That's genius, thank you so much!!!

Some notes:

  • maybe part of the size difference is due to the languages that are supported;
  • i'm able to go to back and forth between openwrt and the stock firmware;
  • by reading the source code of openwrt, I was able to understand how to fix the chksum. I applied the same fix to the CA version of the firmware hoping to get the North American radio regulations with a web UI in French. In the end the French is not available but I'm now running a more current version 3.1.0:

In case someone is interested in the CA version:

Update: WARNING: Actually after some tests it looks like I'm not able to install openwrt after having upgraded to the CA version. *** Use at your own risk ***

Hello, could you update RU version too?

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