Can't Use TFTP With TP Link Archer C60 V3

I Was Using Openwrt for Long time. and wanted to go back to stock firmware. I used Luci Interface to Force Update with stock Firmware. But My Router Got bricked. Now my router can't even detected by TFTP. what should I do?? PLZ

Try this firmware. It's stock with a corrected software version to actually work with the archer c60 v3.

I've Already Downloaded It. but I can't Connect To TFTP. Can you help?

What OS/tftp server are you using? Have you renamed the image to tp_recovery.bin?

I'm Using Windows 10 and TFTP By Jounin. yes I renamed It as tp_recovery.bin
I set my Ip as
Then I opened TFTP. Tapping the reset button while my Router is off. then turned on while still holding the reset button for 5 sec. but No response in TFTP Log Viewer.
Did I done anything wrong here?

make sure the interface isn't, and disable the firewall.

switching to the log viewer afterwards, would be a good idea too.

Switch the server interface to and disable the firewall.

Thanks Man! It Worked. Avast Was Blocking the Connection.

appreciate your help

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