Help for first config ever with OpenWrt

Hello guys,
i want to connect my Netgear WNDR3800 with OpenWrt to my FritzBox 7530 as modem. I've setted up PPPOE connection with the netgear with PPPOE Passthroug on fritz so now i have 2 ip. I want to use my domotics with the Fritz router and all the other things with netgear, but at the same time i need to access the things connected to the fritz. As now, i can't even access the Fritz config page. This is my config:

If i open the ip assisgned to the interface "modem" i log in into the OpenWrt config page... What i'm doing wrong?

Is the FritzBox in bridge mode? Or is it in Router mode and still has an IP from the ISP?
The IP you are using in the modem interface is not valid. If the Fritzbox has .1 then use .2

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Thank you now it works, i can connect to the GUI of the FRITZ from the netgear LAN. What i need now is to access the devices connected directly to the fritz, can i? The fritz in in router mode, he has his own ip from ISP

This setup with 2 IPs is weird and I am surprised the ISP actually allowed it. Anyway.

You can use the lan IP they have (192.168.178.x) and access them just like you did with the webpage of Fritz.

Looks like my ISP allow 5 PPOE sessions... If they don't they simply drop one right? I do not want problems with them :smiley:

For accessing the 2 different net, is bydirectional? I mean, devices on the 192.168.178.x can access devices on 192.168.1.x and viceversa?

They can, if you setup a static route in Fritz to route via (the OpenWrt address). Also you should move the modem interface from wan zone to lan zone.
Finally there will be asymmetry in routing when an OpenWrt lan host communicates with a Fritz lan host, therefore make sure the Fritz is not dropping invalid packets.

Mmmm.... how can i setup a static route in Fritz? (sorry but as you have imagined, i'm a pretty noob :D)
Can i assign a static ip address for the devices connected to the Netgear in the 192.168.178.x net?

I don't own a Fritz, so I cannot help with that. However if you search it in the internet I am sure you'll find something.

Thank you mate, you've been very helpfull.
What about the static ip address?

Short answer, no.
If you want to have them all in the same subnet, then Netgear should work in bridging mode.

Ok thank you, accessing devices from 192.168.178.x to 192.168.1.x is enough

From FRITZ guide:

Configuring a static IP route in the FRITZ!Box

Using a static IP route allows all devices in a network with multiple IP networks (subnets) to access the internet via the FRITZ!Box.

I do not want that devices connected to netgear access the internet from FRITZ, i just want that devices connected to fritz can connect to devices connected to netgear. I have an Home Assistant server connected to Fritz and 3 devices that the server have to connect to, connected to netgear...

They will not access the internet via Fritz. This is for Fritz to know where to send packets destined to

And how can i access a samba directory? I have the home assistant server on ip, i can correctly ssh to it but i cannot access the shared dir in windows. I think it is a firewall issue, can be?

It usually is.

I can correctly ping devices from the 1.x net to 178.x but not the opposite witch is what i need. I have to setup another static route in openwrt?

Create a firewall rule to allow 178.0/24 from wan to lan.

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I do not need to setup a static route from openwrt to frtiz too? I've one only from fritz to openwrt

ip -4 ro
Aren't they there already?

Uhm no, only from fritz to openwrt. I'm a bit confused on how to put in openwrt in target and gateway...