Help choosing cheap router 4x4 MU-MIMO on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, < 80ā‚¬

I'm looking for a cheap (less than 80Eur/100Usd, in EU) router with a minimum of 128MB Ram and 16MB flash. USB is nice to have (HW mod is also acceptable). It can be also supported just by snapshot builds, but full support with releases are preferred.

define cheap, and provide country/region you're in.

Thanks for the reply, I updated the description. So it's less than 100USD and European Union.

At that price point you'd need to look at an MT7621 SoC with MT7615 wireless. Those often come in 4x4:3 flavours (e.g. Netgear R6800 or its clones, or the DIR-878 or DIR-882 (the latter has USB)).

They're all supported by OpenWrt (21.02 or master).

Why the 4x4 requirement if I may ask?

The Belkin RT3200 looks really interesting at that price point. It has a MT7622 dual core ARM, which is considerably more powerful than the MT7621, and MT7915 ax chip for the 5 GHz band.

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Where are you guys finding those for < 80 ā‚¬? I'm curious. Amazon seems to list them only on their UK site, and it's gone back up to 100 GBP instead of the 80 GBP it had been for a while.

I'm not disputing it's good value (it is). Just curious where one would be getting it for 80 ā‚¬. Don't forget that, when shipping from the UK to mainland Europe, there's customs involved too and Amazon might pre-charge that, but not a lot of other e-tailers will.

Currently, probably nowhere.

Belkin US sold it for slightly less than $80, just after X-mas, and slightly more just after NYE,
but that's a long time ago, and in US.
Doesn't even seem to be available in .de, and .fr, .es, .pl (didn't bother to check the other countries).

I just bought the Belkin RT3200 AX (WiFi 6) router (brand new) for eBay less than 80 dollars (normally costs 100 dollars) and it is a thousand times better than the Netgear R7800, this Belkin router destroys it.

Belkin RT3200 is the best all-in-one router of 2021, the era of the Netgear R7800 is over, that router is dead.


Me looking when someone writes that they bought or have a Netgear R7800 router and they thinks it is best all-in-one to use in OpenWrt.

What you think about Mikrotik hAP AC 3? Iā€™m donate robimarko developer to buy this router, he is pushing firmware in a short time when devise is devivered

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Where is the 4x4?

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Only 2x2, but very good hw

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Topic starter wants 4x4, hasn't explained why and not responded yet though.

Currently, I have in my business a mesh network of 3x Archer C6 v2, It's working quite well, but from time to time one of the AP is overloaded then then network bandwidth drops. So I want to replace the Archers with something better. I was already looking for DIR-878 because I can have them pre-owned for about 40ā‚¬. So I'm glad you mention it. :grinning:

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Best in what terms? As far I know, it's coverage is very bad.