Has anyone succeeded installing OpenWrt on a D-Link DWR-960 rev.B?

Hello All, I have just bought a second-hand D-Link DWR-960 (rev. B1) LTE cat.7 at a very cheap price (35 euro) from a user cancelling his subscription to the Italian operator Poste Mobile.

Has anyone succeeded on installing OpenWRT on this rev B1 DWR-960 router?

It seems a very specific hardware edition very different from the A1 hardware rev mentioned in the Openwrt installation instructions page of this router.

I have seen other posts on the forum reporting this new hardware version. The discussion dated Aug-Nov 2022 seems not pointing to any potential resolution.

Thanks in advance for any help ... I need to install wireguard client on this router, so openwrt is essential. The stock firmware does not support any vpn client.

eBay Italy Is plenty of this nice LTE cat7 router sold at very low price. Assuming there is no openwrt support for the DWR-960 rev B1, I am considering to just dismount the PCIe LTE modem and use it on a USB/PCIe hat with Raspberry.


Here some pictures of this router:

H/W rev: B1
D-LINK Stock F/W: 01.06.PM

No Sorry, This is the A1 HW rev. It has a different CPU and LTE modem inside than the B1.

Are you sure it is actually DWR-960? I wouldn't normallly expect a rev B to be so drastically different in external features (often the revs are generally transparent for the average user). But, maybe it is.

Here the official D-Link page of this new edition of the DW-960: https://eu.dlink.com/it/it/products/dwr-960-lte-cat7-wifi-ac1200-router

It seems a new release introduced in the market starting end of 2021, beg. of 2022.

I guess it is the right model... amazing how much they changed it!

I don't see a rev B option in the table of hardware or firmware selector, so I would say it is very unlikely that it is supported.

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It has a LTE cat. 7 modem and different LAN ports numbers and speed than the rev. A1. So it's definitely different than the A1 (5 LAN ethernet ports, LTE modem cat. 4 or 6 depending on the year of release).

Do you think it's possible for me to give a try in implementing the firmware of this new rev B1?
I can start opening it and making a list of the hardware components (SoC, ethernet switch, LTE modem vendor and P/N), amount of flash and RAM etc,,, I can also try to dismount the LTE modem and test it with a Raspberry hat to see if a Linux driver exist for it on Debian.

Sure. If you’re willing and able to get your hands dirty, the chances of OpenWrt support will improve (but it is by no means guaranteed).

I’m moving this to the developers section. Report back what you find inside and the devs can help identify if the device is supportable in general, and if so, they can usually point you in the right direction to get it started.

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Thanks! I will begin making my hands dirty during the next days! I am currently waiting for the delivery from eBay of the device itself (shipped yesterday from a town nearby Milan).

I have finally received the router and I have realized that it's a single chip one, based on Qualcomm MDM9240. This device runs a full Linux and integrate wifi and a LTE modem in a single chipset, implemented in a LTE M2M module.

It's very similar to the router described in this post: Hacking on a MDM9207 based device

Here some pictures of the inside of the Dlink DWR-960 rev B.

In conclusion, there are many unsupported hardware blocks in this single-chip routers. They run an highly customized Linux and it's not obvious to replace their firmware.

I don't see any straightforward method for implementing OpenWRT on a similar platform.

Hello everyone, first of all, sorry if I re open the thread, but, I just bought this router, looking arroud I found a GLP source, but I don't know if this usefull. it's arroun 1 gb directly from dlink.
Maybe this can help