Half bridge openwrt x86

I currently use openwrt on an x86 to do without my isp box because the configuration requested by my isp is very specific vlan dhcp authentication and so on. I would therefore like to know how to create a half bridge to connect my gaming router to the lan port of my x86 so that it retrieves the public ip.

Thanks in advance to anyone who tries to help me.
link of what I'm trying to do: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wan/bridge-mode

If this is your desire, you'd bridge this port with the one proving WAN. It would then be removed from LAN. This would be technically the same as plugging a switch to your ISP demarcation then just plugging both routers WAN ports into that.

I assume you mean "half" so that you can somehow "talk" between the 2 LANs on both of your routers?

If so, can you better describe what they both need to do, avaliable ports on both, etc. - perhaps there's a good solution.

:spiral_notepad: Also, I assumed that this meant you intended both devices to get a public IP address, if that's not the case, tell us.

thank you for answering me what i would like to get is this:
Most common in ISP-provided consumer devices is half bridge mode (cheerfully called “bridge mode” by many manufacturers). In this mode, the device handles authentication (the login/password of your Internet contract) and encapsulation, and it will duplicate the WAN IP address from the ISP to the downstream device. More often than not this makes it inaccessible on the local network so the only way to get it back to normal operation is to reset it. Some devices offer a secondary “management” IP for this mode that can be used to reach their web interface, check the manual.

This part confused me. I don't have the manual of your device (I have no clue what it is). Before you described your setup, I assumed a standard Ethernet demarcation. If I missed that part, feel free to clarify.

Are you saying:

ISP_in_BRIDGE <> OpenWrt <> Gaming_router

Basically, you want devices on the OpenWrt and gaming device to be able to reach the ISP device's management IP - and you're unable to reach it now?


my isp modem is openwrt ----bridge--- gaming router (public ip)

Yes, I understand, your ISP device is in half bridge mode. I'm not sure how that information affects the OpenWrt unless.you wish to setup access to the management IP.

Do desire to reach the management IP of your device in half bridge mode?

How do you wish to setup the OpenWrt and gaming router to use it.

Please clarify this statement. Make/model/OpenWrt version, etc.

What device is this?

X86 model: 22 03 05

no, my isp does not offer bridge mode, that's why I replaced the isp router with openwrt

You configured your own OpenWrt x86 machine and have it setup as a half bridge, and you need to know how to now allow the gaming router to access it - correct?

What management IP did you give the OpenWrt?

Can you access it that IP?

the x86 obtains the public ip provided by the isp and now I would like to make a wan/lan bridge so that the gaming router obtains the public ip and above all avoid double nat

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OK, it's clear now.

Do you want the OpenWrt to firewall (not NAT)?

What functions will the OpenWrt perform?

You said special authentication and VLAN - can you provide that config, minus passwords?

cat /etc/config/network

What avaliable ports on the x86?

the isp routers offer a bridge mode on their router I would like to try to do the same thing with openwrt....
is it possible???

this mode exists on the netgear xr500(dumaos) which is based on openwrt so it is possible to do it

I understand you may not see the relevance of my questions, also unofficial OpenWrt is not the same - and you're on an x86. Feel free to reply when you can.

OK, if you have no special authentication and it's simply that you have to be tagged as VLAN 832.

  • You should be able to make WAN a bridge with ethx and eth1.832.
  • You would plug your gaming router into ethx - it shpuld get a Public IP
  • You would configure this bridge with an aribitary static RFC1918 /32 IP

Let's see if we can ping this IP.

Why don't you take the OpenWrt out of the picture entirely if you don't need it to do anything?

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OP needs it to VLAN tag I assume?

on netgear xr500
Sans titre

Any half broken "gaming router" knows about vlans on wan.

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