Half bridge openwrt x86

This doesn't seem relevant to OpenWrt, I described the method in official OpenWrt above.

for authentication and VLAN otherwise I can not identify myself on the network of my isp

Set those things on your gaming router.

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Answers to these inquiries will help us better assist you.

I also provided the OpenWrt description of bridging eth1.832 and ethX, this will provide your "half bridge".

I was unsure about perhaps a route or firewall, but I then suggested setting the management IP.

didn't believe you that if it was possible I would have done it

Have you seen the steps above to accomplish what you asked?

They're now described in 2 posts above.

Oh wow, that information was very informative and relevant.

After seeing your configs, simply bridging won't work, that configuration is designed to ensure the proper device is connected.

In the future, copy paste into a codebox would be helpful.

To be clear, I assume removing: vendorid, reqopts, sendopts and clientid results in no connection - correct?

If those can be removed (some require leases to expire on some ISPs, so you may have to wait powered off), then it might work.

That's it. without these options impossible to connect unfortunately

I had a situation like this switching to OpenWrt. The ISP device sends such DHCP information, I then realized no other device would work when swapping it out. I don't have the VLAN tag issue, though.

In my case, I had to wait 2 hours, then connect a device without those configs. This made it impossible to use their router in my use case.

If your ISP is helpful, perhaps you could ask them before experimenting.

If this is US, inform them you inten to "Bring Your Own Equipment" if FCC land, they should accommodate it.

Did the ISP provide that authentication to you already?

my isp orange france and no, it does not provide any solution if it is not their equipment

thank you for your time and your patience lLeachii I would look into it because if netgear was able to do it it means that a solution exists and with the xr500 I could do it because I could connect with the dhcp options before my isp hardened its authentication

I agree a solution exists, without authentication.

Does the XR50 work after the hardening?

authentication no longer works

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You could either disable nat on your gaming router and configure static routes between the Openwrt and your gaming router OR you could disable firewall and other funky features on the gaming router (and making it dump) and just bridge it to Openwrt?

I don't know what special wizardry this gaming router promise but why on earth do you try to make it that complicated?

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I'm not trying to make things complicated just authenticate with openwrt and enjoy my gaming router.. double nat yuck

as almost all isp router

Install OpenWrt on your gaming router.
What you want can't be done with a few clicks.
And it seems you've also lied to us, that your netgear xr500 is able to do what you want, but apparently it can't.

I see 2 options:

  • diable masquerade and make a static route to the lan - as @_bernd suggests - this is less complex than "half nat" and authentication - this eliminates double NAT
  • install official OpenWrt on the other router- as @znevna suggests

you are pathetic i will repeat myself once again for the idiot of the village the xr500 could connect before the hardening of the authentication of my isp :smirk: