GT-AC5300 support

Hello is there a build that the Asus GT-AC5300 could run, if not where could I request it as many people on the internet are looking for opensource firmware for this powerful router but there doesn't seem to be anything out there or anyone working on it.

Broadcom is not very open source friendly, even if you got it to run you would have issues with wireless. If you want open source, a Qualcomm based router like the Netgear R7800 or one of the older Broadcom units are probably your best bet.

As for stock:
The R7800 actually outperforms the GT5300 on 5Ghz at all ranges. The QCA9984 in it is also a better chip with actual functioning MU-MIMO and HT160 on stock. With Broadcom units you actually lose performance with MU enabled clients.

Mediatek is much friendlier towards opensource than Qualcomm. Unfortunately, the days of ath9k are gone with AC WiFi. Ath10k is very closed and the binary firmware blob is quite large. :frowning:

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Either way any of them are probably far less obstructive than the new gen Broadcom chips. But yeah I agree even QCA is less friendly than before, Open Source firmware is only gonna get harder unfortunately.

Are you sure you need(ed) to buy a 400$ wifi router? It's not better than a 150$ device in most home networks where you don't have that much people connected to begin with.

For me the breaking point is at like 200$. Anything more than that is better served by a dedicated mini PC with PCIe wifi cards, like PCEngines APU boards, or a Turris Omnia
(both supported by OpenWrt)

Or multiple devices (especially if you want good wifi coverage, a single access point no matter how powerful will be much worse than a bunch of access points spread around).

Anyway, the GT-AC5300 is running a Broadcom BCM4908 with Broadcom wifi

And as stated in the wiki, there aren't decent open source drivers for that.

So even if someone could port OpenWrt on it, the wifi would work badly if at all.

Your best bet is asking/convincing dd-wrt developers, as they have signed contracts with Broadcom and they use the closed source driver for these devices so they can actually support it fully.

Damn the Omnia looks cool! I live in a large home and game so i figured that would be a pretty good router. I have the Netgear X10 for some reason as well lol. Ive played around with that a bit but im going to "return" it (thank you squaretrade.)

R9000 uses the same WiFi chipset as the R7800 but some minor differences in board/antenna layout show the R7800 to have better 5Ghz performance.

Really that is pretty cool. What about the new XR500 ?

I have used the older firmware version of DumaOS and its pretty damn good its just the actual device it comes on is very weak specks, Netduma R1

The XR500 is pretty much the R7800 in a new case with NetDuma additions on top of the stock Netgear firmware. Plus it has 128MB Additional flash for that extra stuff though it has the same 512MB RAM. The R7800 still has better 5Ghz performance due to some minor differences probably down to the antennas.