Good combo of blocklists for simple-adblock?

Hi guys,

Recently several default blocklists (EA9500 build) stopped working. What are some recomended blocklists you use that 'work well with eachother'? I'm interested in blocking phone ads and general/basic security (scam/phishing protection).


Hi I use the addblock package.
Blocked Domains
Active Sources
adaway, adguard, anti_ad, bitcoin, malwaredomains, malwarelist, openphish, phishing_army, spam404, whocares, yoyo

These have bin tested with a number of android devices a xbox and a few pcs. Seems to work well.


Thanks! Do all listed blocklists still work?

Hi yes all still work. I am using the addblock package and not simple
addblock. I am all so running a master build of OpenWrt.


Much appreciated @tapper!

Wouldn't it be better to set up a pi-hole ?

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