GL-MT300N-V2 as Wifi to Wifi Router

Today I received the GL-MT300N-V2 Router (Firmware 18.06) and wanted to configure it as a WIFI Router for Hotel travelling, as some Hotels only offer 1 WiFi Connection at a time. The plan was to connect multiple WiFi devices to this one connection. Sort of Tethering, but not to 4G, to WiFi instead.
Unfortunately this Router requires as input an Ethernet Connection.

An external USB-WiFi Antenna should be used as Input Device. I do have a real good Antenna from ALFA (AWUS036H) which works very good on a RasPi and other Linux / Windows devices without the need to install any specific Drivers. (Windows detects this as Realtec RTL8187 device)

Connecting this ALFA USB Antenna to the USB Port of my GL-MT300N-V2 Router does not illuminate the LED of the ALFA USB Antenna. So I guess I have to install anything additional.

Could please someone give me a hint on how to get my little project up and running?

Thank you very much!

Repeater Mode is what you want.

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Hi jkoukos,
thanks for providing an answer!
Reading the documentation tells me, in Repeater Mode the Hotel Router would still see all my devices and provides DHCP Addresses to them - but this does not work for me.

I would like the Hotel Router to see only ONE device (my MT300N-V2), so I can use this ONE internet connection in parallel with all my devices. Sorry for the confusion....

Repeater mode is indeed what you want. It will NAT all your devices to one IP and MAC. The hotel will only see one connection. This is a very common use case so it is built into the GL firmware.

Further questions about the GL firmware should be directed there. This forum is about the direct from developers OpenWrt firmware, not manufacturer builds.

Hi mk24 and jkroukos,
after switching my Fritz Box from Channel 13 to Channel 3, it was working perfect.
On the Fritz Box I only see the MT300 active and no other device!

Thank you very much for this hint! And sorry, that I did not read the documentation carfully enough!

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after switching my Fritz Box from Channel 13 to Channel 3

Please, be a good WiFi citizen and stick to 1, 6 or 11. Your neighbours will thank you for it:

Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, then you can use whatever channel you want. Otherwise, you are just ruining everybody's connection (including your own).


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