GL.iNET Flint 2 (GL-MT6000) discussions

There is an interesting article about the new upcoming GL.iNet Flint2 (also known as GL-MT6000) - a new AX6000 router based on MediaTek MT7986 (Filogic 830) Arm SoC and the vendor claims that it's supporting VPN speeds of up to 900 Mbps using WireGuard and 190 Mbps with OpenVPN.
As MT7986 support is already in for devices like bpi-r3 there is just a question of time now before it gets official support in Openwrt mainline.
More details here GL.iNet Flint2 AX6000 router supports up to 900 Mbps WireGuard VPN with MediaTek MT7986 SoC - CNX Software (


around the same speed you get with IPQ807x, used in the WRX36, and other devices, if I remember correctly.


Impressive the vendor firmware seems to be based on 23.05 already.


Filogic 830, 1GB ram, 8GB eMMC, WiFi 6, 2.5G, USB 3.0, 1Gbit wireguard claim, OpenWrt 23.05 based OEM firmware. Very impressive indeed. Maybe this will end up being a top tier OpenWrt router provided there are no dealbreakers. Price should be... expensive lol.


vanilla openwrt filogic: add support for GL.iNet GL-MT6000


Images are being built


any chance for a backport to 23.05 as not stable release just yet ?

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no idea, but we're probably too far into the RC cycle ..

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Has anyone even seen this GL-MT6000 for sale yet? Curious on price, I checked a few places but nothing.

I might do this or the cheap DL-WRX36 soon to replace my aging (but still performant) WRT32X, once good OpenWrt support is confirmed of course.

WRX36 is $80, question is if the gl.inet is less than 2x that much, I doubt it.

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Yea same, I'm guessing it'll be $300 USD.

Lenovo m920q i5 8500t plus nice 10/25/40gig adapter cost like 300$/€

no wifi thought ...

Just read this GL-MT6000 comes out late November. No price announced yet though. I look forward to at least reading reviews of another performant MT7986 device, and seeing how their custom OpenWrt build looks.

The one thing I find disappointing is that they didn't bother to implement triband support in what is otherwise a pretty high-end device.

If it were triband (6E) capable I'd buy it as soon as it became available - it's ALWAYS a good thing when an OEM gives FOSS developers hardware far enough in advance that their project supports a product before it even hits GA. (e.g. why I used to be a staunch supporter of Oppo until they had a management change that caused them to stop giving a damn about Western markets and start violating the GPL)

Noone is handing out hardware to FOSS developers in this case AFAIK.

From Reddit I can see that they recently started to hand out some devices to Beta testers, so I doubt there will be any retail version very soon.

I put my email on their wait list on their website just in case the price is right. They emailed me saying Nov, that's where I got the date.

Pre order starts 17 October, no price info just yet but this might be the successor of my r7800 main router. Whilst it gets vanilla openwrt support that is...

Saw that too. The prices they show in USD are $109 preorder, $189 retail, surprisingly reasonable for this level of hardware, provided OpenWrt support is solid.