GL.iNET Flint 2 (GL-MT6000) discussions

It's the same chipset and the same amount of memory as in the WAX220 which is also sold around $120 to $130. I am not too surprised about seeing it shortly above 100 bucks, usually GL.iNet offers great hardware for a quite reasonable price.


I bought one in the pre-order that started this morning. Early Bird options were sold out when I woke up, so I got the pre-order.

Let's see how fast there will be official openwrt support for it, so I can replace my r7800 main router with this new Flint 2....


Strongly considering a pre-order as well. I went ahead and made a hwdata page based on info from the product sheet and initial commit comments:



They also seem to ship it from China directly (usually they ship products within the EU from Germany). Depending on your country this might increase the price because of the customs and the fee the delivery service will charge for the customs handling.

In EU individual shipments below 150 Euros from third-party countries are not subject of duty/customs. Only VAT is applied.

Exactly + the fee of the delivery service for the required customs handling. In Germany, for instance, that should be around 25 € in total because the customs declaration is also required for goods below 150 Euros

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Yea, Gl.inet products are generally available on US and EU stores, just a quick look on Amazon most of their current products on there, including their first Flint router. It's just a matter of time before the MT6000 (Flint 2) is too.

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I also considered pre-ordering one because 100€ is pretty affordable for such a beast. But I needed one now so I purchased the Sinovoip BananaPi BPi R3 kit for 140€. Seems a good deal for "available now" and pretty similar hardware in terms of Wifi / LAN. I also prefered the microSD card slot of the banana pi...

The announced prices:

  • € 102,90 when pre-ordered now
  • € 149,90 when ordered early
  • € 178,90 after release

Can anyone tell me if this router is for sure going to be supported for OpenWrt? Maybe I've missed something, but the information on this seems mixed.

Also, does anyone know more about the credibility of the brand? The specs of the router seem amazing, but the fact that it's apparently a Chinese brand makes me hesitant

1st question:;a=commit;h=fe10f9743935d6986e80e7cb082469e6bc5a03f0

2nd: GL.iNet, while being a relatively cheap chinese brand, makes a number of good travel routers used by the community. Given the great specs (Filogic 830, 1GB ram, 8GB emmc, WiFi 6 really sold me) I went ahead and preordered one ($109 USD + unknown import tax) to mess with it. I'll let people know how it is once I get it (likely December according to shipping estimates).

Thanks for the quick response! I'm relatively new to all this stuff, so I assume the link means it's already supported? Can you share any link for a guide on how to flash it on this device?

I think I'm just gonna pre-order it already, can't wait to try it out. Still also curious for your thoughts in December!

Nothing is written yet to that effect. Since the stock firmware is said to be based on OpenWrt 23.05 it's likely a factory/sysupgrade flash will work. Main snapshot builds are posted daily but this device isn't out yet so who knows.

Isn't this just the same as the Banana Pi BPI-R3 ? Which you can already get right now for around 160 USD for the whole kit (incl. 20% import taxes). It even has double the RAM!

I ordered it too!


You're right it's similar, in the US I haven't seen those around, really I know nothing about the BPi-R3 to be honest.

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You have to buy 2 x 2.5G SFP + a case + antenna to make it almost the same as Flint 2.

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The case and antennas are included in the price I mentioned

But you still need to get 2 x 2.5G SFP, for most users they are using 2.5G ethernet so a direct RJ45 is better then using SFP 2.5GbE.

That's true. Didn't realize how expensive the SFP to Ethernet adapters can be!

With be routers i don't think it's good choice. I have 10gig already at home.