GL-AR300M not enough flash space

GL.iNet GL-AR300M
Current Version web-interface 3.104 (last)
OpenWrt 18.06.1 r7258-5eb055306f / LuCI openwrt-18.06

I try to add VPN config in web-interface and see error "Failed! no flash space"
Now i have only one config. If i delete it - i can upload another. But even one week ago it was possible to have 2-3 configs and choose between them.
I have configs 9-10 kb. Even i tried make archive 5 kb, and it was the same - impossible upload.


are you on gl.inet firmware? if so you should post in gl.inet forum with your specific model.

looks pretty strange that free space, especially if you have a 128MB nand model.

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thank you.

i have NOR flash.
i will write there too.

but can i try configure VPN in Luci interface? it lookin like i have enough memory, but problem in web-interface.
or even try from ssh.

if so you should ask in gl.inet forum. AFAIK gl firmware is 11mb, should have about 4mb free space after fresh install of their firmware. all i can suggest you is a factory reset and/or a re-flash and see if free space get fixed. you won't get much information here if you are not on official openwrt firmware.

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i am here because i want add VPN profiles in Luci (is this official openwrt?)
and ask smart people help me understand from my screenshots - is this enough memory for install or not? if install in openwrt.

i'm sorry i do not have an answer to your openvpn question, i don't use it. all i know is that your free space does not look good to me, i had a ar300m but gifted to a friend so i don't really recall much.

If you're using GL.inet's build, the size constraints are an issue with their build, not OpenWrt's. So their channels are the right place to raise your question. Even more so if they include VPN support by default (OpenVPN eats quite a bit of space).

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yep, that was my point, free space does not look good to me.. gl firmware is ≈11mb with pre installed openvpn, with nor falsh of 16mb @Lada should have ≈4mb free, screenshot is reporting free space 484kb which is ≈12% of ≈4mb, so something else must have been installed. this is why i suggested a re-flash/factory reset. but i guess this is not the answer op wants :slight_smile:


@Lada Hey friend! so, i'm seeing that your free space is 12% (484KB) which mathematically that means your total space is 4MB, which means you're on NAND.

I believe the NOR is rather large, like 16MB on the 300M. I haven't played around much with the NAND, but I was able to flash the NOR, and I use that exclusively now.

Can you SSH to the device, and attempt to write to the config partition? try

touch /tmp/test
touch /etc/test

and see if it denies you the ability to write to these. If it does, i'd just switch to NOR OpenWRT.

Good Luck!

i already did this.
after reset i made upgrade.
then install Tor.
and then usually i was have 2 profiles VPN.

yes, i can write. just checked.

don't understand what you mean with this. personally i'd install latest firmware from here without retaining settings and check free space, then install tor (which is another "big package") and check free space, and the import your vpn profiles and check space.

depending on your needs, installing an official openwrt release could be the best solution for free space managment/issues.

Please install/use official OpenWrt on your hardware if you need the community support. We cannot speak authoritatively for another firmware.

ok. make me understand. Luci is not official openwrt??
i think it is only GUI for official openwrt

i did exactly what you write!

and now i think remove firmware Gl-iNet
remain only openwrt

if this is such problem with memory

I understood the question at first. The problem is, that's not how it's referenced here:

  • "official LuCI" is developed and packaged for official OpenWrt - by the OpenWrt developers
  • your LuCI is packaged and developed by someone not known to us...making changes unknown to us, for an underlying system...unknown to us (us == the community).

I hope this helps.

  • What version are you running?
  • Can you show us a screenshot, now that you're running official OpenWrt?

login page:


This is Luci on the gl-inet firmware.
The gl-inet firmware is based on an old version of OpenWrt.

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yes. when i reset to factory it was openwrt 15. then i upgrade to 18.06

so i havnt official openwrt?